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Compression Shirt | Compression Shirts

The Compression Shirt will come in all shapes and sizes however it is important to mention that the size of the shirt doesn’t matter too much because of the way they fit. The Compression shirt do come in many colours but however due to the nature of the compression shirt (they are used for sport) it is very common that they generally come in either black or white. Before I get into the different types of compression shirt I will explain to you what exactly they do, and why the compression shirt is needed so much in sport. In sport small amounts of time and small amounts of space make all the difference. So maximum performance can make or break a game. The Compression shirt is there to help make that performance the best it can possibly be. Although you may be thinking, “its just shirt”, a compression shirt can help players to make moves around fast, and give them the ability and agility that is needed. In many sports the compression shirt is worn under whatever you may be wearing for your team. For example if you play football, you may use a compression shirt as the fundamental layer under your other garments. It is essential that you feel totally comfortable wearing you compression shirt and also that it isn’t restricting your movement in any way.

The Compression shirt will keep the heat in your body, without the heat your muscles and other inside components can become cold. This is how many injuries occur, through the body not being at the right temperature. When cold muscles attempt to stretch they end up pulling, straining or even snapping, a good body temperature is essential in sport. Compression shirts don’t just help keep the bottom half of you warm it keeps the bottom half of you warmer, because the warmth is carried down your body to your legs to, however it is also good to wear compression tights too. Most Compression shirt garments are tight fitted which fit wonderfully around the athletes body, which should feel comfortable (as stated earlier). It helps to keep the blood circulating around the body, without a compression shirt, in some sports, the blood will not flow around the body as it should. This can lead to serious problems with the athlete should the situation not be resolved straight away. The material used to ultra light weight and will not weight you down and should restrict you in anyway, it should almost feel like you’re topless. That is how comfortable compression shirt should be. The Sweat is generated from the heat of the body. It is then drawn away from the body leaving the athlete very cool and dry, rather than wet and sticky (which other shirts can do to you).

Compression shirt clothing pieces have also become popular with woman and sometimes men who have an excessively large breasts or cheats’ which can alter their performance, in a bad way. In this case the compression shirt is used to hold in excess fat or muscle to stop them from moving around whilst they are training, similar to how a sports bra works. The Compression shirt does definitely show the physique of the person wearing them, so for this reason they have been used in many advertisements of sport. A Compression shirt are not just worn because the athlete wants to, sometimes they are worn because it is compulsory. In sports such as rugby and AFL the player’s team shirts are compression shirts in different colours with their team’s logo on the front of them. The reason they are often used in rugby is so it is harder to tackle a player, this can be seen when the shirt is pulled is expands over a large distance. For you I would definitely suggest a compression shirt, especially for sports which are played outdoors, these sports need their participants to wear a compression shirt because the cold weather can often make muscles cold and then the player is in risk of pulling a muscle. Cyclists, basket ballers, rugby players and many more have used them in the past and still use them to this day. There are more pro’s than con’s in wearing a compression shirt, and the dangers of not wearing one in certain sports can cost a player his or her career. There are many different companies that supply compression shirts and they all come in different shapes and sizes, for example puma and UXL are common brands for the compression shirt and they make a basic compression shirt with a good fit. There are other companies that make compression shirt with a strap that goes between your legs, almost like a leotard. These are used by weight lifters mainly, and other various similar sports. There is also a long sleeved compression shirt, short sleeved and the neck can also vary, from a V neck to the common and popular turtle neck compression shirt. All in all whatever shape your brand or colour you desire, there will most definitely be one that is suited for you. The Compression shirt has recently become a new fashion item as well and compression garments have been seen in famous fashion magazines such as vogue, for this reason they are now available in more places than before, the compression shirt and pieces you see of a similar nature are made of the same material. They often come in more different colours than the conventional sports compression shirt. In the future the compression shirt will probably get lighter and stretchier as they have done in the last few years. The compression shirt available now is actually the best ones we have ever had the opportunity to wear thanks to many of the leading brands. In the past the compression shirt may have been uncomfortable, but thanks to technology the lyrca, (or whatever material they use) does not restrict the sports star in any way whatsoever, and gives the player to opportunity and chance to really reach their maximum performance, don’t let your team down by not wanting to achieve the best performance you can, look around for a great compression shirt for you and take advantage of the comforts that they provide.

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