Monday, 21 December 2009

Compression tights | Compression tights

Compression tights have been available for many years now and have become a major force in the Cycling industry. Compression tights are worn by professional cyclists when competing for competitions. Compression tights are also worn by people who ride amateur, they really have come to a point where they are an essential piece of equipment or item of clothing in the industry the compression tights that some marathon runners are also very popular, however their popularity has not been reached to a level where they are industry standard. There are many pro’s and con’s using compression tights as I shall be explaining throughout this post, so you can buy the best ones available. Firstly the compression tights are worn for many reasons. Compression tights are actually especially made leggings which are meant to fit comfortably and tights against your lower body. They are meant to mould to the sports person lower body, freely allowing it you to move, where obviously freedom and ease of movement, in sport, is essential and paramount to being successful. Due to the nature of the compression tights they scientifically help enhance smoothness and flow of blood circulation around the body. These great pieces of sportswear also help oxygen around the body enabling the sports star to move at speed and to the best of his ability. They help for moisture to exfoliate from the skin and helps sweat to be released from the sportsman or woman. The compression tights keep the sports person at a perfect temperature which can help to give them the greatest performance their body can possibly achieve. In test by top leading scientists and sports physiotherapists have come to a conclusion that the compression tights give maximum durability in game and training and give them maximum power. The Compression tights must be comfortable to work perfectly or you could be doing more damage than doing good. Should the compression tights not be comfortable they may be restricting the athlete, which means the sportsman or woman man not be getting the best ability they can possibly achieve, where split seconds and inches make the difference optimum performance is mandatory. Firstly when picking your compression tights do take time to try on ones which you feel comfortable in. Just because your favourite athlete wears a certain brand of compression tights, this does not mean that the same pair will fit your body perfect. Some compression tights fit smaller and petite bodies better, where some fit larger or bulkier bodies better. However, when buying, this information will be present. Some of these compression tights come in a range of colours but because most athletes wear the plain black or white ones; these are the main colours, and however looking and searching around will allow you to find different coloured compression tights. Most stars choose to wear compression tights as they have also been known to reduce the risk of injury pulling muscles, because of keeping your body at a great temperature. Common sports that utilise compression tights have notably been rugby, cycling, marathons and basketball. Many other running sports and Olympic Games have also used compression tights. Currently the Compression tights available are the best ones yet. They totally light, flexible, none irritating and have guarantees that last for reasonable periods of time. Through trial and error and technological advancements it is very rare that you will have problem will ripping your compression tights. The material made is that stretchy that they are virtually impossible to rip (the best ones are). Compression tights come in a number of brands and prices, ranging from cheap to a little more. They are generally cheap and will last you a long time if you wash them correctly. There will be instructions on how to wash you compression tights with the packaging as many of them are made with different materials; many of them are washed in different way. I tend to hand wash all of my Compression tights, or more to the point my lovely wife offers to. I usually leave them to dry on low heat radiators, I have never had a pair that has shrunk but rather than doing what I do, I would suggest reading the instructions for your individual compression tights before you go and do something like this. The brands that have become popular in Compression tights have been those such as Puma and DHB. 2XU are actually my favourite brand and I have used their compression tights for many years now, with no problems. Compression tights have recently come into fashion where basketball stars have begun wearing them such as LeBron james and other major game players. A vogue magazine has done a feature on them for their sense of style rather than the greatness it can do to sportsmen. If you’re anything like me I can assure that you won’t be wearing these compression tights out in public, unless you’re after a certain amount of attention, attention that I’m sure my wife wouldn’t agree on. lol. But seriously whatever spot you are involved in definitely consider getting some great compression tights. I couldn’t go and compete in my marathon without wearing them, once you use them it’s difficult to go back to wearing shorts and even harder to go back to wearing none, I would recommend any of the brands I have mentioned, also there are many other brands of compression tights that are great. I’ve used many different brands and to be fair none of them have let me down to this day. Attempt to buy a few pairs so if you train two days in a row you don’t have to wear the same pair twice, because they can get seriously sticky if you don’t wash them. Also of course wash your compression tights every time you use them for hygiene and health purposes. Wear them under your team shorts or whatever you wear for your sport, just remember that maximum ability is essential in sport and if anything helps, it really is worth getting.

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ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

Yes! You are so right! You need to try on everything, and make sure for a good body fit. Everyone is different. But a lot of people buy what the rock star's have!